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Select the sentence that has an error in subject verb agreement. Encircle the letter of your answer. 1. A. Both Christine and Heather have published their stories in major journals. B. Neither student has the assignment completed. C. The problems take them all evening to complete. D. He is one of the students who has taken the exam.
2. A. He and his girlfriend talk on the phone constantly. B. Neither she nor her mother wants to go to the dinner. C. The professor or one of her research assistants is at every meeting. D. The longest of the meetings are the first one of the semester.
3. A. The young couple has a new home in a beautiful neighborhood. B. Either the professor or his students have prepared the grant submission. C. Has an instructor or one of the lab assistants come to help you? D. Neither the students nor their professor are going to the meeting.
4. A. The jury are taking their seats in the courtroom now. B. The number of students are increasing. C. Each of her daughters has developed a unique style. D. Neither Suzi nor her sister has been able to find the missing earring.
5. A. There seem to be a growing interest in that class. B. Either the students or their parents have spoken to the board. C. When all of the tests are finished, the scientists will have more information. D. Everyone except the lead suspect has given a statement to the police.
6. A. Two books, a pen, a steno tablet, and some candy was found in the briefcase. B. Someone in the class or Sara critiques each presentation. C. The child's demands irritate the parents. D. Each of the students wears a white shirt with blue pants.
7. A. Each of the applicants completes an entrance exam, which requires an essay. B. Every member of the chorus was complemented on the production. C. The children, the mother, and the father were there supporting the team. D. There has been problems with the outdated policy.
8. A. The time the classes are offered have made it difficult for many students. B. The worker's tasks have not been neglected.
C. Dr. Jones, as well as Ms. Griffin, attends the
conference every year.
D. One of the members has not returned from the recess.
9. A. The new system of taking messages have helped our
response time tremendously.
B. Neither one of the children has agreed to come to the
C. The student, as well as her parents, was pleased with
the grade report.
D. Either the student or his parents have collected his
10. A. Neither John nor his sisters has completed an
information form.
B. A book, a pen, and paper were on the desk.
C. Either the student or one of the panel members
respond to each question.
D. The committee debate the issues among themselves
after each open session.

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